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Shenzhen development centre property management co., LTD. Was established in May 1993, is a "pilot" 120 national large enterprise group wholly owned enterprise, shenzhen development group co., LTD, China There are legal person enterprise. Tfa is a leading enterprise in the development of high-end property services in China. As a national level of property management enterprise qualification property company, idiopathic property has been named "shenzhen well-known brands", "realty service enterprises of China 66" and "Chinese realty service enterprises of growth need". We always adhere to the market as the orientation, the city as the development center, grasp the market economy at the forefront. Currently, there are more than 20 major cooperative customers, including huawei, alibaba, citic group, China mobile and other fortune 500 companies.
—————— Honorary certificate  ——————
On the list of top 100 Chinese property service enterprises in 2016, and "outstanding enterprises in China park in 2016", no.39.
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The main service types of the company are high-tech park, such as huawei, alibaba, ant financial, China mobile, dji technology, etc
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